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Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein is an award-winning investigative journalist and In These Times staff writer who writes the blog Duly Noted. Her stories have appeared in Newsweek, Salon, Slate, The Nation, Ms. Magazine, and other publications. Her photographs have been published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times’ City Room. She also blogs at The Hillman Blog (, a publication of the Sidney Hillman Foundation, a non-profit that honors journalism in the public interest.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Lindsay traveled to Boston to earn a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Tufts University. After graduating from Tufts, Lindsay moved to New York City where she briefly worked in pharmaceutical advertising and started her blog Majikthise.

Majikthise was initially conceived as an amalgam of analytic philosophy and liberal politics. However, the politics gradually eclipsed the philosophy as Lindsay spent more and more of her time chronicling the abuses of the Bush administration. Eventually, Majikthise began supplementing her opinion writing with original reporting.

In 2005, Lindsay traveled to New Orleans to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Later that year, her blog readers funded her live coverage of Tom DeLay’s first court appearance in Austin, Texas on money laundering charges. Other major stories she has covered include the New York Transit Strike and the closing days of the Allen/Webb senate race in Virginia in the 2006 midterm elections.

In 2006 Lindsay quit her day job in advertising to pursue journalism full-time. She joined the investigative team at Raw Story as a national correspondent specializing in labor, immigration, and crime issues, and worked as a metro reporter for Chelsea Now.

Lindsay lectures regularly on blogging and journalism. In April 2007, she delivered the Richardson Memorial Lecture at the University of Gettysburg on the relationship between objectivity and journalism. She has also spoken to the National Organization for Women, the Center for American Progress, and other groups.